Manuel Merino and the defense against FREPAP

The head of the Legislative Palace, Manuel Merino spoke about the statements made by the still prime minister, Pedro Cateriano, this about the statements to the Frepap political group, when mentioning them as a party not prepared in matters of the State. Merino also called the attention of the head of state, due to the statements made by the premier to Rpp news.

It is from this point that the Popular Action congressman said: «If the president insists on reappointing those ministers, he must abide by the consequences, and FREPAP is respected,» he said.

In the declarations of the President of Congress, the support of the head of the Legislative Power was also mentioned when the issue was raised that they wanted to avoid any decision by the political groups to grant the vote of confidence to the Ministerial Cabinet of Pedro Cateriano.

«The nine political groups are being held accountable. I must endorse the voting of those nine benches and I do it in the healthy democratic habit, it cannot ignore the Frepap, APP, Somos Peru, UPP, Frente Amplio benches, among others, «he said.

On the other hand, the AP congressman denied that the Legislative Branch has blackmailed the Executive with delivering the vote of confidence if Martin Benavides retired from his duties.

«That handling that the president of the Republic is trying to do in his press conference yesterday, that there has been blackmail, I reject as president of Congress.»

For this, it was necessary that the rejection by the Ministerial Cabinet yesterday to the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, was due to the central theme in the premier’s speech, since, he did not devote enough space to the issues related in the fight against coronavirus (COVID 19) in our country.

It should be noted that in an interview with Pyme Tv, the FREPAP spokesperson rejected the statements of the Prime Minister, Pedro Cateriano, and called them «discriminatory statements».