Chile: strange Chinese seeds arrive in the country by shipment without anyone asking for them

Similar cases have also been reported in Canada or the United States in which the seeds have not been requested and come as small gifts with the purchase of any other object.

Who has not bought something online? Apparently, some purchases in Chile have been accompanied by products that users have not bought. According to the publication of the neighboring southern country, T13, some seeds have appeared in the shipments of buyers who have used online platforms to purchase products from China.

According to Horacio Bórquez, national director of the Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG), in recent weeks there has been a sustained increase in the arrival of these specimens. “Not knowing what the seed is made of means that we can have many health problems. They can come with pests that we do not know and that we do not have in Chile, «he added.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture of the neighboring country, Antonio Walker, has confirmed that they are already monitoring this type of entry into his country, which, according to him, has his greatest attention to avoid major problems.

It has also been confirmed that there are a total of 8 thousand packages that have been entering the country involuntarily. This has motivated an exhaustive investigation to find the reason for their arrival in Mapocha lands.

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