Citizens denounce an official for mistreatment of patients that attended for COVID-19 tests

Citizens report being mistreated and insulted by an official of the Rímac Maternal and Child Center, which would become part of the security of the establishment.

People indicated that they queued from three in the morning to undergo rapid tests and rule out the spread of the new coronavirus. However, they were exposed to insults by the worker when she handed them the tickets.

“Keep recording. Go on ”, expressed the woman with offenses and distributing the tickets to the patients. “The last time I’m going to give them (tickets) like this,” she continued despite the Latina cameras. Even a reporter from the media was attacked when he tried to start a conversation about the serious complaint from citizens who were waiting to be treated.

Previously, they were not allowed to enter because they had closed the door and were insulted when they asked about the delay of the tests. The Latina media reported that at least 140 people were waiting to be seen. Most of the people who were there were senior citizens, who expressed their discomfort at being mistreated.

«We are waiting here to pass a rapid test and we have been since 4 in the morning,» confirmed an adult who had been waiting since dawn. Others had made an appointment the day before, but they were just going to be seen. «While giving the tickets, mention why do they come if I see them well? Really something without arguments, «said the reporter, according to the statements of the citizens.

The head of the Integrated Networks Directorate of North Lima (DIRIS-NORTE), Juan Ortiz Fernandez, arrived at the establishment after the respective complaint and explained that the worker was part of the security of the hospital center. “We deeply regret what happened and express public apologies. We understand that there are many patients who come to the Center from an early age, but in no way can we go beyond physical or verbal aggression. We are taking action on the matter», he said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that a process will be opened to find out what happened and said that it would not be the first time that these mistreatments were reported. “We are processing a notarized letter against the public servant who was hired as surveillance. If it corresponds to sanction, we will do it with the full weight of the Law”, he said.

Finally, he specified that they have all the resources to serve those people and that they are not charged money for it. “Yes we have enough tests to attend 200, now there are 140. At 8 o’clock we began to do the screening. We have not charged 10 soles per test, only for the medical history; however, it will stop being done; in other words, no collection is possible”, he said.

The identity of the official who verbally attacked the patients is still unknown, but the director took action on the matter for the woman to testify before the main authorities.

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