2020 elections: surprises for new congress in Peru

2020 is accompanied by major changes that begin with one of the most questioned elections due to the dissolution of the Congress of the Republic. Recall that this fact is still in full power of the Constitutional Court (T.C. in Spanish) to determine whether it was legitimate or not.

Meanwhile, the new parliamentarians have already submitted their future nominations to the National Jury of Elections (J.N.E in Spanish). Among them, the news has been a bitter drink for the population with some faces seen in Congress to be replaced in the lists. Next, we present the list of applicants to the congress for the Metropolitan Region of Lima prepared by Diario Gestión.

Candidatos Al Congreso 1 by Diario Gestión on Scribd

Definitely, all registered parties allude to the fight against corruption as one of their main problems to solve. However, doubts persist regarding issues such as citizen insecurity, policies related to mining as the axis of the great protests that have been a stone in the shoes of President Martín Vizcarra.

On the other hand, among other issues to be discussed for the future Congress and that many parties propose is the cessation of parliamentary immunity as well as an exhaustive investigation of contributions in the campaigns carried out as a fundamental factor that has led former parliamentarians to sit in the bench of the accused. One of the main champions of the matter is the founder of the Purple Party, Julio Guzmán, who said his campaign will be austere. «There is no corporation, nor will it exist, to finance the Purple Party,» he said.

Also, there are some undesirable characters to occupy the position of parents of the country. Among them, there are serious accusations such as the attempted coup and the death of four police officers from the brother of former President Ollanta Humala, Antauro Humala. As well as characters who, from their former position as congressmen who had criticized the work performed in Congress and have not hesitated to run again as Alberto de Belaunde, Gino Costa, Juan Sheput, among others.

Some surprises also have not been expected as the former Vice President of the Republic, Omar Chehade, the former defender of the Alejandro Toledo’s party, Carmen Omonte or the remembered Fujimorist Martha Chavez who has been harshly criticized in recent weeks, among others who left a highlighted image of their parties for their passage through power.

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