Colombia: 3 dead, 270 hurt and a curfew

Protests in Colombia have left 3 people dead, 270 injured and curfew after demonstrations against the government of Iván Duque. Among the most affected cities in Cali and Bogotá that suffered from looting during the chaos.

Colombians have decided to take to the streets in demand of better salaries and pensions, deterioration of education, the murder of more than 160 indigenous leaders and the government’s attempt to modify the Peace Agreement with the FARC. “We are tired of being marginalized, missing, understand it. It’s time for a change! ”, was said by an unidentified young man to the Chilean network T13.

On the other hand, some political figures have also expressed themselves in this regard to face the President. «It is a duty of the President of the Republic and his government, to understand that and take measures and not see this as a public order problem.» was manifested by the former senator, Juan Manuel Galán.

After the beginning of the day with peaceful protests, it did not last long until the looting and some government institutions were taken as the Congress, the Judiciary and the mayor of Bogotá. It should also be noted that 11 investigations have been opened to police officers due to the excessive use of force during these events. Among them, the most controversial case has been that of a woman who was severely beaten in the street among several policemen.

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