RENIEC allows issuance of birth certificates via online

From today, Peruvians can obtain in a few minutes a certified copy of our birth certificate or our registration records. This has been published by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC).

In the past, it was necessary to go personally to any office of the entity or to the facilities of Best Citizen Service (MAC) to obtain a certified copy. This procedure could take a long time to wait due to the number of people who used to approach others or several procedures. Now, thanks to the Virtual Multiservice Platform (PVM) the time and cost for the broadcast are optimal.


Before the cost of issuing the document to be deposited in the National Bank was S / 12.00, however, thanks to the speed of the process the price has been reduced to S / 10.30.

How do I get it?

To obtain your certified copy of the birth certificate you only need a computer with Internet access, a printer and your ID, as well as some information necessary to search for the registered certificate. Then, go to the web:

To find out if your birth certificate or registration certificate is online, choose the «Online Services» option, then click on «Procedures Registration.» If you have confirmed that it is in the possession of RENIEC, you should look for the option «Certified copies of records/birth certificates».

How do I make the payment?

To make the payment of the certified document, you can do it through pá or with any VISA credit or debit card. However, the option of going to the National Bank or BCP is also available. Be the modality in which you decide to make the payment, the cost is S / 10.30 and will be made with the code 02141 (for banks).

To take into consideration

There are some necessary restrictions that you should consider when issuing your registrations or birth certificates. If you are going to request the birth certificate of a minor, it can be requested only by their parents. On the other hand, copies obtained through the Internet cannot be used to carry out procedures in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, if the act receives any modification, it will automatically lose its validity. Finally, if an act contains information reserved for the citizen, it will not be issued online.

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