Greta Thunberg: «no country in the world is doing enough»

The Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, recognized for her controversial statements in front of world leaders on the climate emergency, has arrived in Lisbon after a 21-day cruise on her ecological catamaran «Le Vagabonde» to reach COP25 in Madrid. The adolescent told the press that «no country in the world is doing enough» after denouncing that the measures against the climate crisis are proceeding with mere slowness.

Likewise, the young woman nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize has said that «they are underestimating the strength of angry young people.» Her statements are given in the midst of a framework of protests in different countries such as France in which the cause of the student uprising is due to the slowness in ecological action issues.

«[The young] we are angry and frustrated and it is for a good reason. Stop giving us reasons to get angry,» she said as soon as she descended from the boat in which she traveled to the United States to reach Santiago. However, after the outbreak of the Demonstrations in the Latin American country, COP25 changed its headquarters to Madrid and this motivated the young girl to move back to Europe.

«A lot of people say that it doesn’t matter and that nothing will happen, but we start to see the results,» she said. «We have to think in the long term, we can’t just think about today, we have to think about the future.» It should be noted that the young woman does not use any traditional transport due to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions they emit and of which she does not want to be a part of.

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