Business expectations are increasing, according to BCR survey

According to the monthly survey of Macroeconomic Expectations of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), last November the index that measures business expectations rose from 47 points to October 50 to November in the quarterly field, while in the annual rose from 57 to 60 points.

This survey has shown a sustained increase since September, which would add three consecutive months in growth. Given this, the president of the BCR, Julio Velarde, mentioned to a local media that «business expectations have improved» considerably. He also mentioned that «the interest rate is expected to remain in the banking system.»

On the other hand, he also emphasized the perceived inflation and that he expects this year to be less than 2% to be taken into consideration in the decision making of the BCR regarding the reference interest rate.

It should be remembered that last November, many businessmen expressed their discomfort after the search of CONFIEP by prosecutor José Domingo Perez following the statements of the director of the Credit Bank of Peru in Fujimori case.

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