Ministry of Environment will protect the Lomas de Lima from invaders

On December 4, the Ministerial Council approved the creation of the Regional Conservation Area (ACR) that will be responsible for preserving, among many, the Lomas de Lima is usually besieged by invading settlers and land traders. The system will protect an average of 13,500 hectares that serve as a lung for the capital.

Gabriel Quijandría, Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Environment (Minam), published the great news.

Great news!!! The creation of the Lomas de Lima Conservation Area was approved in the Minister Council yesterday. A huge step aimed at ensuring fundamental ecosystems for the sustainability of our city! – Gabriel Quijandría (@GQuijandriaA) December 5, 2019

This conservation area will include five hills of Lima: those of Ancón, Carabayllo 1 and 2, Lomas de Amancaes and Lomas de Villa María. All are located precisely on the periphery of Lima, which is usually a fragile point to attacks by invaders and traffickers.

“The hills of Lima not only provide ecosystem services to all citizens, but they are unique ecosystems that during the dry season are characterized by waiting for the seeds to find moisture and flourish; while in the wet season they green and reveal a great variety of vegetation, ”said the Lomas del Perú Network.

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