5 apps to keep track of the stock market and your investments

New to the bag or have you made a new investment and want to be aware of it? Now you can review all your financial actions from the comfort of your smartphone. Below we show you some of the most used applications in this area and that will help you keep up with the economic direction and your investments.

IBEX Droit

Free and high quality. This application keeps you informed of the values ​​invested at all times. It also allows you to follow in real-time the quotes as benefits, dividends, and commissions of the operations, as well as the economic news of the moment.

Plus 500

This application allows you to trade stocks in all popular markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, among others. All thanks to leverage and low margins. You can also control the gains and losses as well as be aware of the purchase or sale values ​​you want. This tool is very useful for first-timers in the field of the stock market.


Thanks to Investing you will know in real-time the quotes of 100 000 financial instruments from more than 70 markets worldwide. Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, futures among other options are easy to monitor daily.

Yahoo Finance

To be aware of the market, Yahoo Finance lets you know the latest in the stock market news. The application will show you the values ​​and allow you to create a portfolio of securities with more or less risk to see the growth of your investments.

Real-Time Stock Tracker

This application will allow you to create alerts of the financial movements that interest you most. You will build different portfolios and multiple lists. Thus, you can also monitor portfolios with advanced graphics and marketing signal scans. You can also choose to download summaries of losses and profits.

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