Brussels: cows flatulence will have to be paid with taxes

Until now it was believed that the main reason for global warming is due merely to human activities such as mining. However, in Europe, it has been determined to charge a tax for the ventoses of cows. As it sounds, cows eliminate an average of 300 liters of methane gas daily when they eat.

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This gas is one of the main greenhouse gases that has 23 times more capacity to trap the heat that carbon dioxide produces from cars, for example. The amount that the prayers can emit in this gas so harmful to the atmosphere can also be very useful as energy.

Only 300 liters of methane produced by cows can keep a small refrigerator running. So, this means a source of organic energy. However, scientists are analyzing other options such as changing food to animals to reduce their emissions.

Gain ground

Resultado de imagen para bosques reforestados agricultura europa

Another of the measures that Brussels has to counteract the greenhouse effect produced by this activity is the felling of forests to gain agricultural land. This means that if forests are cleared to use the land in agriculture, farmers are obliged to compensate for such emissions with reforestation or by better managing those that exist.

It should be noted that forests in Europe absorb an average of 10.9% of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Because of this, increasing the 182 million hectares dedicated to forest plantations could offset the carbon and/or methane produced by farmers.

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