Ecological pajamas will be used for burn patients

The National Institute of Child Health (INSN) in San Borja will start using ecological pajamas for children who have suffered from burns. These special pajamas will help in the healing process and contain 3% copper fiber that will prevent fungal or bacterial infections during the recovery process.

The project called «Happy Pajamas» comes from a donation of an alliance between the aforementioned health institute and the Pending Toy Association, as well as the Toulouse Lautrec higher institute.

The innovation comes from the students of the mentioned contributing institutions. Pajamas consist of organic Pima cotton with 3% copper fiber, which will work as an antibacterial. To maintain their tone they have used prints based on semi-ecological dyes. The garments, in turn, are packaged in recycled cardboard packaging in the form of a rabbit that eventually becomes a toy for the little ones.

Before the initiative, the doctor and head of the Sub Unit of Attention to the Burned Patient, Pilar Huby Vidaurre, thanked the initiative due to the incalculable number of cases of small burned. During the year, the INSN receives approximately 300 to 400 children with burns of all kinds of which 70% comes from burns with hot liquids placed on the floor. These figures increase significantly at the end of the year during the Christmas and New Year celebrations where children tend to manipulate pyrotechnics.

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