Reducing cholesterol since youth could avoid coronary risks.

A recent study published by The Lancet has shown that there are higher risks of presenting heart problems in people under 45 when they have high levels of HDL cholesterol.

This type of cholesterol, according to experts, does not contain bad cholesterol; However, its reduction means reducing the chances of suffering from coronary problems between 29% and 6%.

Peruvian case

In Peru, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death, considering that only in Lima there are between 4 to 5 daily infarctions, according to EsSalud. Usually, those who suffer most from cardiovascular arrest are men 40 years old on average.

Some diseases:

Among the most common causes that threaten the life of the average Peruvian are high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol, smoking, family history and/or have previously suffered a similar episode.

How to lower blood cholesterol?

  • Limit the consumption of high cholesterol foods
  • Eat a lot of soluble fiber
  • Adhere fruits and vegetables to your daily diet
  • Add fish to the menu of the week
  • Reduce salt in your food
  • Do not consume excess alcohol
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