Attorney Amado Enco filed a complaint against Minister Edmer Trujillo

Attorney General, Amado Enco, has requested the prosecution to initiate the investigation of the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Edmer Trujillo, for the alleged crime against public administration following the denunciation of 14 officials in the department of Moquegua.

The request for the investigation is based on the scandal of the undue payment of an approximate S / 42,000,000.00 to the Moquegua Hospital Consortium in the period in which the current minister was in charge of 14 other officials. For the prosecutor’s office, the minister would be «presumably involved in the facts subject of complaint would have been interested directly or indirectly in favor of the consortium»

Solicitud del procurador anticorrupción Amado Enco presentada a la fiscalía provincial especializada en delitos de corrupción de Moquegua.

This interest, as stated in the report, would have been expressed «by allowing the processing and payment of the direct advance for the execution of the work, not observing the terms of reference». These terms required the approval of the technical file as a requirement for payment.

It should be noted that the attorney general’s office considers the minister’s statements in a recent interview in which he mentions that he was in charge of directing and carrying out everything concerning these activities.


According to a local newspaper, Trujillo said that he did not have any type of relationship with the Moquegua Hospital Consortium «except for the contractual one, because as general manager he had to maintain a formal relationship.»

“Since January 12 or 15, 2015, when Mr. Jaime Rodríguez took over as regional governor, I have been the subject of investigation, calls from the prosecutor and the comptroller. I have not had any problem attending, ”he stressed.

In this way, the current Minister of Transportation and Communications said he was ready for the current investigation.

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