Keiko Fujimori: Prosecutor again asks for 36 months of pretrial detention against the leader of Fuerza Popular

The prosecutor in charge of the Keiko Fujimori case has again requested 36 months of pretrial detention for the former presidential candidate for the alleged crimes of unlawful association and generic falsehood. In addition, he noted that according to the calculations of the Public Ministry and the new elements of conviction, the opposition leader could be sentenced for 24 years.

According to what was declared by the prosecutor of the special team of the Lava Jato case, Fujimori Higuchi will be investigated for the crimes of illicit association and generic falsehood, in addition to money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization that was previously the subject of investigation.

It should be remembered that the former congresswoman of the Republic achieved her freedom from a first preliminary prison thanks to the ruling of the Constitutional Court last November. On the other hand, prosecutor José Domingo Perez tried to have the Constitutional Court correct his ruling; However, he replied that it was «judged».

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