That’s why young people are resentful

COP25 has ended without much to congratulate or thank. From a pessimistic point of view, it has only served as a meeting point for the leaders to attend a cocktail that takes them away from their local responsibilities. Now it is understood why Greta Thunberg easily gets angry about the indecision and lack of capacity that the leaders have about an environmental crisis.

Since, as long as the political discussions are limited to determining that whether climate change is real or not, the effects are lived in countries far from the northern hemisphere are increasingly overwhelming: hotter summers, colder winters or vice versa. Young people protest precisely by the example given by the owners of power. Demonstrations around the world are precisely that: a demonstration of popular discontent towards what is nothing but the beginning of real change.

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What many leaders may not be seeing is that the world is still full of young people. Inequally distributed over the globe, but there is a large majority of young people who today vindicated for their convictions. Whatever they support, the leaders who seek to dissociate themselves from their responsibilities with meetings such as COP25 that only manage to agree on what they had agreed before, should focus on that great young mass that votes for them.

Sadly, in view of the powerful, young people are nothing but useful fools. We are a shock force that can be raised to impose new norms, but the truth is that it will not be in that way for a long time. After the analysis of the recent protests and with the immediacy with which they are received worldwide, is it possible that they stop being flogged by others and that the uprising is on their own merit?

Although these last manifestations have a political background (for the moment in Latin America), broadly speaking, there are also those who after their discontent have decided to take the streets. Those who have known how to throw out their ranks whose flags want to «join» their protest. Nothing predicts coming to fruition, and Greta Thunberg and the climate crisis are only the tip of the iceberg, one that defrosts, by the way.