NASA launches 3D map of the Moon

NASA has made available to everyone a 3D map of our nearest galactic neighbor: the Moon. The map called «CGI Moon kit» was created with the data obtained by the Lunar Recognition Orbiter, which has 10 years of topographic data collection from our satellite.

Ernie Wright, a scientific visualizer working in the Scientific Visualization Study at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is in charge of the project that has been put in view of anyone who wants to know the surface of the natural satellite.

Many of those interested are, in most cases, universities, film studios, game developers and designers, among others, who seek to relay a reliable image of the satellite in their products or services, as well as improve education in the classroom with new technology.

If you also want to live the lunar experience through the CGI Moon Kit, click on the following link and discover the wonder of the outside.

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