With technology Peru will implement facilities to access reading

With the purpose of bringing citizens closer to reading and thanks to technological advances, different actions will be installed for the proper reception and use of reading in our country. In Peru, a country where the reading level is very low, technology will play a very important role in the increase of new readers.

The most outstanding tasks will be: the implementation to obtain the bibliographic heritage in digital form, the recovery of publications that have a great track record in the reading public. In addition, access to reading will be facilitated for people with visual disabilities by transcribing texts to the Braille system. This will be possible thanks to the acquisition of technological equipment with an inclusive profile.

The National Library of Peru (BNP) will be the first public institution to adopt these new measures. To do this, it will seek to digitize funds and renew its Legal Deposit, in order to obtain adequate support and integrity of the documents and so that each person can access the information related to the material on the internet. In addition, the BNP will implement more spaces at its headquarters, located in the city of Lima.

Thanks to the extensive bibliographic heritage in Peru, its recovery is sought. The most important documents are: «Memory of the Peruvian Monarchy or outline of the history of the Incas», by the author Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca, in addition to the document «Russia before the second five-year plan of César Vallejo» and «9 letters of Admiral Miguel Grau Seminary ”, will be declared as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation for its great cultural contribution.

On the other hand, BNP implemented an online catalog of national publications that are registered in the library’s web system. In addition, thanks to the registration of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), it will allow identification and will easily provide the editorial production of each registered country.

Modernity is also one of the priorities for the institution, which will take advantage of the technological developments that bring to our country. The Citizen Space and Room 4 are two rooms equipped for this purpose. Both are located inside the main headquarters, in the district of San Borja.

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