3 tips to start night training

It was always heard that the best time to exercise is in the morning and it sounds logical to want to make this physical effort before the start of day-to-day obligations. However, there are people who simply do not have that possibility or have a hard time getting up early, either because of their lifestyle or lack of time.

For these people, exercising at night is the most convenient, although there has been a false idea that doing night sports disrupts sleep. A completely questionable fallacy. An investigation conducted in Australia showed that exercising at night does not affect sleep. The participants to demonstrate this hypothesis exercised between 7 pm and 8 pm and were able to sleep the number of simile hours they exercise in the morning.

Tips for your night training

1. Intrinsic motivation period

After having decided to exercise during the nights the first thing you should do is make sure that you are going to comply with your exercise plan after the workday. Here comes the Intrinsic motivation. «Look for some engine, motive or goal that helps you achieve the proposed exercise plan.» Knowing why it is worth exercising helps you constantly choose it over anything else «(Eddie. O’Connor).

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2. Commit to a healthy habit

You cannot trust your will because it simply does not work at the end of the day. Maintain healthy eating habits, reduce your calorie intake, stay firm in the diet you propose. Schedule your exercise hours and perform with a commitment to yourself to train, it does not have to be every day but completes the scheduled exercise. By having the exercise as something you see happen on your agenda, you will stop seeing it as a choice but as an obligation.

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3. Find that available time that limits your excuses

The last trick we recommend is to link your training with any other event with which you can decide to go-to exercise. Seek to go to exercise after going to work or after some activity you have during the day, that the physical activity becomes part of the time you dedicate to another activity, such as going to university, work, visiting relatives or whatever. With these tips, and with the relief that the thought of not having exercised throughout the day did not blow your mind, even the most sleepy can become great athletes.

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