Entrepreneurships 2020: how to find the ideal partner to start a business

Many people when starting a path in the world of entrepreneurship choose to have a partner they can trust and thus advance the company. But how reliable is taking that step and how can we be sure of our decision without being harmed? That’s why we bring you 5 tips to find that ideal partner and start undertaking:

1. Commitment and communication: not everyone thinks the same, not everyone sees the same; however, in the difference of characters there must be good communication and affinity between both partners in decision making.

That this commitment exists on both sides will be a very strong point for the benefit of the company.

2. Share the same vision: as we said in the previous point, although it is true that in some things they will not think the same, that cannot happen when they are viewed as a company.

The vision of both must be full and be in sync in decisions such as: selling the company’s shares, the future of the company, future allies and more.

This is a pact that both must keep from the beginning of society.

3. Complement yourself with your skills: At the time of creating the company both become one, a team and there must be a balance.

If you are very good at the commercial part, maybe your partner can be the technological or logistics part.

The trick is to find the midpoint where both can exploit their skills and cover each other in activities.

4. Leave everything in writing: remember that creating a company is forming a pact, an alliance.

Therefore it is essential that any agreement is left in writing so that there is a record of the decisions made between them.

Remember that in terms of business there is no «you told me».

5. Give time to time: you may already have all those desires to create your company and want a fast partner; in that case, remember that everything comes to its time.

It may take days, months, years, for you to find your ideal partner; however, everything will become easier when it happens.

Remember that it is not a decision to be taken on the fly. For now, if you have an idea, just do it, and in time you will find the right people.

«Walker there is no road, you make your way by walking» – Antonio Machado.

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