Gregorio Santos: the location of the former presidential candidate is unknown after his sentence is known

This Monday, the former governor of Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos, was sentenced to 19 years and four months of effective imprisonment for crimes of simple collusion, illicit association for crime and aggravated collusion. After the sentence, the whereabouts of the sentence are unknown.

Given this, the current Interior Minister, Carlos Morán, said that the borders are protected to avoid a possible escape from the country.

«All Migration alerts have already been activated so that this person can be apprehended (captured) when they intend to leave the country», he said through a press conference.

His lawyers speak

According to Josué Nuñez Barboza, a member of the legal team of the former presidential candidates, he affirms that he does not know the whereabouts of his sponsor and that the last time he was seen was hours before reading his sentence last Monday.

He also stressed that he will appeal the sentence to the leftist leader after January 15, which is when the sentence will be confirmed as such.

“We are going to file an appeal for this ruling in the first instance. The appeal is going to be raised so that a higher court review this sentence where excesses have been committed”, he said.

Penalties and Repair

Gregorio Santos has been sentenced for aggravated collusion to 8 years in jail and must pay a civil reparation of S / 500 thousand. Also, by simple collusion he was sentenced to 4 years in jail and must pay S / 1 million. Finally, for an illicit association to commit a crime, he was sentenced to 7 years and four months in jail and he would have to pay a repair of S / 50 thousand.

To make it clear, Attorney General Amado Enco said that for these cases there is a sum of the sentences that reach a total sentence of 19 years and four months in jail.

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