NASA finds a new «habitable» planet

Research on our surroundings and the constant search to find a substitute planet has led NASA to great discoveries. Among them, one new planet that would be a possible new planet Earth located at 100 light-years from ours. This finding was thanks to a project called TESS that allows the location of different bodies that can resemble the planet in which we live.

The new planet found is called TOI 700 D. According to information from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the space agency, it can be located just 100 light-years from Earth. Although time seems infinite, for experts, it is considered relatively close.

The planet had erroneously been considered as one more star for issues of size and density, however, it was known that there was a problem in the proportions of the system and managed to remedy it in time. Thanks to this, this planet was identified in time.

«When we corrected the parameters of the star, the sizes of its planets were reduced and we realized that the one outside was about the size of the Earth and [was] in the habitable zone#, said Emily Gilbert, student of the University of Chicago, one of the members of the project.

Solar system

NASA revealed that there are 3 planets that revolve around this small TOI 700 star that is 40% the size of the Sun. Around this large ball of light three planets revolve TOI 700 B, C, and D, the latter one would be the one qualified as habitable.

As mentioned, it could contain water in a liquid state after being located at the perfect distance from its Sun.

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