62,000 people have disappeared in Mexico since 2006 as a result of drug trafficking

Nearly 62,000 people have been missing in Mexico. Many of whom disappeared during the six years of the bloody war over drug cartels in the Aztec country. Some initial figures suggested an average of 41,000; however, the number increased by 50%. Some officers later discovered 1124 bodies in 873 clandestine graves.

Some of these sites are used by drug trafficking or kidnapping gangs to place the bodies of rival gang members or victims. The National Search Commission of the country mentioned in its first 13 months of work that only 1 in 3 bodies found was identifiable and less than a quarter of the total has been delivered to their families.

 More than 40,000 people are missing in Mexico, which has been swept by a wave of violence since declaring war on its powerful drug cartels in 2006

The Mexican government has programmed a DNA database to identify the deceased, but most of the bodies remain unidentified. Historically, the largest number of missing persons, and the highest number of bodies found in clandestine graves, has been registered in northern Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas.

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