‘Lovots’: robots are the sensation to fight loneliness in humans

In recent years, technology has become more involved with human beings, both physically and sentimentally. That is why the ‘Lovots’ arrive, which are robots designed with the purpose of accompanying people who remain in solitude. The ‘Lovots’ have characteristics such as softness (similar to stuffed animals), they are warm, they allow them to change their clothes, purr and move on several sides, giving a sense of harmony.

The Japanese company Groove X, which is behind its development, points out that in recent years a new relationship between humans and robots will be born and for this, there is the Lovot, which serves as a pet in search of affection, which when it recognizes its owner, start moving to get your attention.

Groove X also explains that the robot’s temperature is warm and according to what it perceives around it (through its sensors), it can regulate its intensity. While «Lovot» won’t do very useful tasks at home, «when you’re with him you’ll feel relief,» they say from the company.

According to its creators, the ‘Lovot’ calls attention to the people he lives with. His eyes are six layers deep and have 50 sensors throughout the body, and has a camera and a microphone inside. It uses artificial intelligence to process data with which it can detect up to 1,000 people and recognize images.

The robot makes a map of the place where he lives, recognizing the space immediately. The battery it has lasts approximately one hour. However, it is like a vacuum cleaner, it can return to its loader base automatically. The price of this robot is US$ 3,000. It should be noted that the robot is not connected to the internet in order to safeguard the privacy of its users.

This is just one of the more than 200 novelties that have been presented at the CES 2020 technology fair in Las Vegas and that places special emphasis on advances in artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity.

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