First cinema inaugurated at the Gamarra Commercial Emporium

In the district of La Victoria, there is the gigantic textile commercial empire of Gamarra where the influx of people who visit it grows every day due to the thousands of options they offer.

This has not gone unnoticed by large investors who have created partnerships and have become a new option for Peruvians; from new galleries, companies, stores and now the first cinema that opens in the heart of Gamarra.

With an investment of S/22 million the American company Cinemark enters forcefully premiering a new cinema complex located on the fifth floor of the Gamarra Moda Plaza shopping center, a modern location that has seven cinemas and a maximum capacity of 1,435 seats.

It is also equipped with the highest technology standards valued at S / 4 million such as latest-generation Barco digital projectors, silver screen screens, 7.1 sound system and more than 30 speakers in each room. In this way, Cinemark ensures an excellent experience for all its customers.

Alfredo Tirado, general manager of Cinemark, said that after many conversations this great project was finally finalized which he says will bring a much greater influx into the most important commercial emporium in Lima. «We have worked this project with great effort and we are proud of the result: having equipped a super cinema to bring healthy entertainment to one of the busiest areas of Lima is an achievement for us and leaves us satisfied», he added.

And not at all Gamarra is considered the largest emporium in all of South America for the textile trade.

It should be noted that Gamarra Moda Plaza is the first modern mall that has 500 parking lots, food court, panoramic elevators, exclusive brand stores among others; and is located at the intersection of Aviation and Mexico avenues, in the heart of La Victoria.

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