Australian citizens request the resignation of the Prime Minister in the absence of inaction due to forest fires

Forest fires have been increasing since last September 2019 in the Australian region. So far the claims have cost the lives of 27 people and several animals, and reduced to ashes the homes of more than 2,000 inhabitants. Today, in the early hours of the day, thousands of Australian citizens held demonstrations in various cities of the country to request the resignation of the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. The main groups that lead the movement are Students for Climates and Extinction Rebellion made up of university environmentalists.

The protests seek to execute an action plan to stop the fires and subsequently further initiatives in the face of the climate crisis. In addition, it is sought that there is a complete transformation of fossil fuels to renewable energy. Although the Australian Meteorology Office has confirmed the climate crisis as a cause of the worsening of forest fires, Morrison continues to deny it.

Protestants demand that subsidies to polluting companies, mainly mining companies dedicated to the export of coal, be canceled. With this money, volunteer firefighters and communities that have been affected by the catastrophe should be supported. Unfortunately, they believe that until the Prime Minister does not resign, it cannot be carried out; since, it is a supporter of the Liberal Party, who supports these companies.

In regions such as Victoria, the population has been forced to evacuate because high temperatures and high winds have made it impossible to face the fire. According to the UN Climate Change division, 2019 has been the driest and warmest year recorded in Australia. The fire has reached 10.3 million hectares and 370 million tons of carbon gases have been emitted into the atmosphere.

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