Hell in Australia: the koala about to die out

The fires in Australia have generated real chaos for both the environment, the ecosystem and the species that harbored its territory and its habitat; a habitat that today is fragmented and destroyed.

With endless damage during forest fires in the Australian region of New South Wales, the koala appears with a worrying figure of more than 8,000 dead, leaving a question about the future of its species.

So much so that today the species is already declared endangered and extinction, adding to the more than 480 million animals that ended up burned by the flames or killed by the lack of food and shelter being victims of the devastating fires that devastate since September Australia; that added to some actions created by man as separating part of his habitat for agriculture among others.

“The truth is that there is a risk of extinction of koalas. One part is only fired, but also the destruction of their habitat must be added due to the extensive clearing of land for agriculture and urban development. If no action is taken, these animals could disappear in less than a decade”, said an ecologist and member of the Salven Foundation to the Koalas, to Australian media.

Currently, an average of only 80,000 species of this animal is estimated, which is a great loss for the country since it is one of its main tourist attractions; and for the rest of the world the alarm of a new species in extinction is activated and a reflection of what we are doing with our planet.

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