Foreigners will necessarily update data on Migrations

The National Superintendency of Migration said that foreign citizens living in Peru must update their personal data on the entity’s web portal. People who do not do it on time will be sanctioned.

This measure includes citizens from Venezuela who processed and subsequently obtained the Temporary Permanence Permit (PTP), or those who already have their Special Migratory Quality.

This information must also be updated by those foreign citizens who are in national territory and who do not have any record before Migrations, according to Resolution No. 234-2019, published in the official newspaper El Peruano.

The foreign citizen must update their personal data every time there is a change in the information they initially registered with Migrations. In addition, the rule indicates that the failure to update the information provided by foreign citizens will result in the initiation of verification actions and if the data provided by foreign citizens do not correspond, the National Superintendence of Migration will apply sanctions.

The data provided by foreigners will keep the Migration Information Registry (RIM) updated, which is the information system managed by the Superintendency, which aims to develop political actions in favor of migrants.

To carry out this process, foreign citizens must enter the Migration website, option updates data: 

Police records

On the other hand, Venezuelan citizens who processed their Certificate of Police Background in person before November 12, 2019, and who are still waiting to obtain the document in physical form, can obtain it digitally through the page website of the National Superintendence of Migrations.

At that point the registration of proof of payment of the Certificate of Police Background begins, placing your document number, followed by the date of birth and the data of the receipt of payment of processing fee.

Foreigners should go to and look for the “Procedures for Venezuelans” icon, and then click on “Police Background Correction”.

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