The judiciary will decide the cessation of pretrial detention against prosecutor Abel Concha

The Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation concluded the cessation of the 18 months of preventive detention requested by the superior prosecutor Abel Concha and will notify its resolution within the term of the law. Taking into account previous facts, prosecutor Concha Calla is allegedly accused of the crime of influence trafficking aggravated by his alleged ties to the Los Temerarios del Crimen organization, where the former mayor of Chiclayo, David Cornejo Chinguel, would be.

During the intervention, the prosecutor said that he has been suffering from psychological and mental consequences, as well as some of his youngest children, he also remarked that he has no plans to escape or escape because the Judicial Branch was raided.

«I have already been held in this prison for a year, I am seeing myself psychologically and mentally affected. I have my two children, one of 8 and another of 15, without the presence of his father. My youngest son this year has practically had to leave the school, has not been able to study and is going to private therapies for free with some friends. I want to be given the opportunity to go out, work and support my children, now that school classes are coming again», said the accused.

The prosecutor added that he will continue to collaborate with justice and that if desired and pertinent, they could avoid leaving the country. In this way, he also asked me to give him a range of actions that allows him to work to support his children and his mother.

It should be remembered that Abel Concha, head of the Tenth Superior Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Lima, was arrested on December 26, 2018, during an operation in his home in the Surco district. According to the collaborators, Cornejo would have delivered a total of S / 80,000 (eighty thousand nuevos soles) to the prosecutor. According to the testimony, the purpose of this delivery would have been to protect Mr. Cornejo from the inquiries made by the Lambayeque Specialized Prosecutor’s Office on Organized Crime against the aforementioned criminal organization Los Temerarios del Crimen.

According to the version of the prosecutor Carrasco Millones, the person in charge of the case, Cornejo would have tried to contact Concha through the mayor of Olmos, Willy Serrato Puse, who is currently freeing under conditions.

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