Summer 2020: 5 recommendations to protect your skin from the sun

Did you know that ultraviolet rays can damage your skin to the point of generating an allergy to the sun? Therefore, in the following note we list a list of recommendations that will allow you to enjoy this summer without fear that your skin will be damaged.

1. Use sunscreen: Sun protection is something you should never forget. Recommended by dermatologists, it is a product that should never be missing for skincare, regardless of how sunny it is outside.

2. Follow the blocker routine: Returning from the previous point, the blocker should become your daily routine in summer. Reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. If you go to the beach or the pool, apply it again after taking a dip.

For proper use, apply it 20 minutes before leaving and place the protector on the area of ​​the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then gently spread out. Do not forget to place it also in the outer area of ​​the ears and always with the fingertips.

3. Avoid the solar rush hour: Avoid exposing your skin to hours when the sun is at its maximum temperature (from noon to 3 in the afternoon). If you still have to walk between those hours, wear hats or try to go where there is shade.

4. Food diet: Believe it or not, there are foods that help you improve and protect the health of your skin from exposure to UV rays and these are called carotenoids.

You can find them in orange and red foods such as tomato, pumpkin, strawberry, watermelon, carrot, among others.

Also of omega 3 as nuts, chia, and linseed. And of course, you should drink a lot of water.

5. Stay away from places with radiation: It may not appear but the radiation is not only in the sun, but it can also be found on the computer.

That is why you should apply your photoprotector when you are in front of a screen and thus prevent any damage.

However, we remind you that before any different scenario with your skin does not rule out going to a dermatologist, who will know how to guide you and medicate you correctly.

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