Arequipa: students intend to improve the environment with university projects

Students of the Professional School of Environmental Engineering of the universities: Católica San Pablo, Andina and Nacional de San Agustín located in the province of Arequipa managed and presented four research studies projects to monitor the environment. These studies are aimed at improving and preserving the flora and fauna of the Arequipa district of José Luis Bustamante y Rivero.

The research work was done by students of environmental engineering were delivered to the Services Management of the district municipality as part of management and planning to preserve all green areas. Waste from electronic and electrical equipment will be handled and treated.

Several studies of air quality and environment were carried out, in which the health of the birds that inhabit the district was monitored. These university studies will provide the facilities to carry them out or execute them in this Arequipa jurisdiction, which has approximately 200 parks.

These projects seek to sensitize the population to optimize the treatment of solid waste, in addition to taking care of ecosystems against climatic changes and the transformation of the environment that advances throughout the planet.

Electric buses

On the other hand, as an alternative to reduce air pollution, the first Arequipa electric bus was implemented, as part of the fleet that will make up the Integrated Transportation System (SIT) of that city.

Through the implementation of the electric bus, a technical and economic evaluation will be carried out to implement an entire fleet of this type of bus. During the implementation of this pilot plan, with the first unit, approximately one thousand passengers will be served per day.

In order for the electric bus to recharge the energy needed to operate, the first electric station has been implemented in the Cerro Colorado district, where the SEAL (South West Electric Society) substation is located.

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