Workers Unions are divided after a proposal from the French government not to change the retirement age

The French do not want to continue working after 62 years and it is because of this that one of the longest protests in its history was triggered. There have been 38 strike days that the French unions required to bring down the reform that increased the age to retire in France to 64 years.

However, what seems to be a truce for some, is for others only the beginning of everything, because the reformist unions have liked the measure, while the opponents ask to knock down the new pension scheme.

«To demonstrate my confidence in the social partners and not prejudge the outcome of their work with regard to the measures that will be taken to achieve balance in 2027, I am willing to withdraw from the law the measure consisting of gradually converging from 2022 towards an age of balance of 64 years in 2027», said the prime minister in his letter published through Twitter.

Thanks to this stop along the way, the government could have gained ground at the end of the protests, since for the French union, the CFDT, this point blocked all kinds of negotiations. Had they backed out of the change in retirement age, these would be a group less in the streets. However, for CGT, together with the inter-union commission, pension reforms deserve to remain in dispute.

This last Saturday, according to figures handled by the CGT, almost half a million people demonstrated throughout the country to the 1.7 million that made it last Thursday.

La CGT cifró en 452.000 los manifestantes que participaron en la huelga del sábado.

Clogged transport

The unemployment of the trains remained slightly affected by the measure. However, it should be remembered that until December the picture was very different. The unemployment in the train transport system was very high. 90% of high-speed trains did not circulate. SNCF employees were the first to reject the rising retirement age and pension reform, as they enjoy a special regime that offers them clear advantages at the time of retirement.