«Year of the Universalization of Health» is the new name for this 2020

From Cuzco, Martín Vizcarra, current president of Peru, has announced that 2020 will be called «Year of Health Universalization». The officialization of this name was highly anticipated by the Peruvian population due to its importance and history behind it. In addition, its use marks a certain agenda in some educational institutions and even companies that keep it constantly present.

Since there is no Congress of the Republic to formalize it, this year’s name has been defined through an emergency decree. «To demonstrate that as a government we attach great importance to the social sector, both in health and education, this year we are focused on a concept that we have already defined through an emergency decree that has the force of law», said Vizcarra.

Health sector problems

It should be noted that it was precise during the government of Martín Vizcarra that the biggest scandals in the Health sector have occurred. From the death of 1200 premature babies due to lack of incubators until the consummation of the possible crime of nepotism by former Health Minister Zulema Tomás.

On the other hand, in infrastructure, it is not alien to corruption cases either. It should be remembered that last year in the fight against corruption, one of the many complaints referred to the current president Martín Vizcarra was made known and that they respond to payments through 133 vouchers issued on the last day of his administration as provincial governor of Moquegua: 131 for amounts of S / 310,000 each, one for S / 256,217 and one for S / 31,000.

Also, another of the important issues during his management that has been neglected is that of anemia. At present, the percentage of children and babies affected by this condition has not decreased. In Peru, anemia affects 43.6% of children under three years of age, constituting a public health problem. This problem inherently affects the educational performance of the affected children as well as other health conditions.

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