César Acuña: research for millionaire purchase in Madrid is expanded

The Second Corporate Supraprovincial Prosecutor Specialized in Money Laundering Crimes decided to expand the investigation of the former presidential candidate and leader of the Alliance for Progress (APP) party, César Acuña, because the acquisition of a property in the city was discovered Madrid, in Spain, valued at 1.2 million euros allegedly bought with money from the political party. However, the executive secretary of the APP, Luis Valdez Farías, states that the purchase was transparent and made with the resources of its leader.

The appointment will be given on Friday, January 24 at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in which Acuña must be presented along with the proper documentation confirming the purchase of the home and the origin of the money paid. According to a document disseminated by Canal N, any investigation to Acuña is intended to establish the origin and destination of the political party funds “used in each of the commercial, financial and economic operations and transactions in which it has intervened, by the period from January 2010 to December 2016 ”.

The case was opened when it was announced that APP paid S / 1’720.464 to the publicist Luis Favre to advise the Acuña campaign to the presidency in 2016; in which he also claimed to have «silver as a court.» The purchase of an apartment in Madrid would also have been made in October of the mentioned year and paid in cash.

In addition, he requested through the International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions Unit of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation a report to the Spanish authorities to verify whether the signature of the notary Méndez Ureña in the purchase of the property is true. Information should also be provided on other properties, companies or contracts that have been given in the country on behalf of Acuña.

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