Technologies at work that will set the trend this 2020

The Colombian Association of Engineers said that the focus of the year 2020 on technological trends will be especially in the massification of artificial intelligences (AI), or in other words, specialized softwares which will allow the machines to have a decision-making similar to the of human beings.

In 2019, ICT (Information and communication technologies) were the most developed trend that was incorporated into personal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, family, academic or business life with mechanics for developing faster, more effective and efficient solutions to everyday problems On the same side, for this year 2020, the industry 4.0 revolution and technological convergence will be the central themes for the elaboration and development of these artificial intelligences with which innovative solutions will be generated that meet expectations.

Another area in which the main development of technology is put is in the intensive use of the Internet of Things (IoT) for use in agriculture, more specifically in the intelligent monitoring and control of the crop through the use of robotics, sensors and drones. in terms of irrigation, temperature control, light, humidity and atmospheric pressure. These automations would help with the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of the agriculture market worldwide. It is estimated that 75 million IoT devices will be applied worldwide for this sector worldwide this year.

Thanks to the global awareness that is becoming increasingly present in the mentality of human beings and large companies, the technologies implemented will be of clean energy use, such as the photovoltaic solar (which will have better advances with the efficient use of solar panels), battery system (when there is no daily supply of sun) and electronic elements for regulation, collection and consumption in these geographical areas suitable for the type of urban and rural solution.

Regarding the transport system and facing the global problem of greenhouse gas emissions, the technology of electric vehicles will be a reality and as a result they will achieve a more effective use of the lithium battery, responsible for energy storage and which is used worldwide in electrical products.

Another area in which this great technological advance will be relevant will be in 3D printers which will be reduced in costs to reach more sectors such as health, construction, clothing, sports, education, among others. It is estimated that the market for 3D printers could reach a billing number close to 16 billion dollars. 3D technology will also be used in video games, especially in the area of ​​sports, recording information on gestures, movements and performance of athletes.

In the field of biometric technologies, you relate directly to facial recognition and fingerprints, these will have a future strengthening in their security in terms of access to facilities and to massive sites that represent risks for the public.

Drones are not far behind. Quite apart from the military use of these unmanned aerial vehicles in defense and security monitoring, they will have a range in commercial, agricultural and entertainment areas. The low costs of the manufacture of these drones make it possible to enter so many areas and in such diverse ways, an approximate market of 100 billion is expected.

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