Honda and Isuzu team up to create trucks that will run on hydrogen fuel

The automakers Honda and Isuzu have decided to join to manufacture a line of industrial trucks based on hydrogen fuel. According to a statement on the official pages of both companies are still under investigation. It is the first time that Honda offers its services to another manufacturer of the same item so they could be pioneers of a new business. The document presented indicates that «the use of trucks with hydrogen fuel and energy cells can contribute to the future prosperity of the logistics industry and all other industries in our society and to the prompt realization of a hydrogen society.»

Isuzu has been venturing into the creation of more efficient engines that meet the needs of new customers looking for alternative electric and natural gas vehicles. On the other hand, Honda is further into what is the need to reduce carbon emissions and has been working for some years on the development of technologies with this type of fuel and both hybrid and electric cars. One of the cars that already have this technology is the Honda Clarity FCEV, which is only available in the United States and some European countries. This car has an electric motor that has a power of 174 hp (steam horses) and a 300-nanometer engine; likewise, the filling of fuel would supply 590 kilometers.

Vehicles that use hydrogen as an energy source are greener since they only emit water and have a shorter recharge time. However, the use of these is not as commercial since refueling them with hydrogen is complicated. In addition, its main competition, the batteries have increased capacity and a more accessible price so that other brands are still not encouraged to implement them in cars of greater proportions. This difficulty is not positive for use in means of transport such as trucks that run for long hours and do not make as many stops.

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