Europe will choose to disappear nuclear pact with Iran

Tensions around Iran continue to grow and Europe has decided to go one step further to force Tehran to comply with the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, following its threats to breach its commitment to limit uranium enrichment.

Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have announced the activation of the so-called ‘Dispute Resolution Mechanism’, which was included in the nuclear agreement with Iran for cases in which one of the signatories considers that the commitments are being breached.

After the assassination of General Quasem Soleimani, Iran said it was about to enrich uranium ‘without limit’. This announcement has caused Europe to lose its patience, which puts in danger a nuclear pact already very weakened since the unilateral departure from the United States. in 2018.

This process activates a Joint Commission that must decide on this complaint and foster dialogue with Tehran, but which could have the opposite consequence. That mechanism now has 35 days to resolve the European complaint that Iran is not fulfilling its part of the agreement. If there is no resolution, the case could go to the UN Security Council, which opens the door to the reimposition of sanctions against Iran and the final death of the historic 2015 agreement.


Iran’s Foreign Ministry said it will respond adequately and decisively to any «malicious and non-constructive» measures of the three European countries that they signed. In addition, they warned that these countries should prepare to accept their consequences, should they continue the path of submission to the United States.

The high representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has asked for good faith in the application of the mechanism. Borrell, who acts as coordinator of the Joint Commission that verifies the application of the agreement, said that the intention is to «preserve the agreement» and achieve an exit to the dispute through constructive diplomatic dialogue.

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