Microsoft seeks to eliminate its carbon footprint by 2030

Microsoft, the computer giant, which a few days ago also announced the downgrade of the Windows 7 system, has caused a revolution with its new proposal. The multimillion-dollar company has set out to reduce its carbon footprint significantly by 2030. Over the years, pollution caused by carbon dioxide has generated a gas cover in the atmosphere that traps heat, thus causing the changing climate. To date, the temperature of the planet has risen to a degree Celsius; if we fail to reduce carbon emissions we will become extinct.

The company’s action plan consists of a “climate innovation fund,” valued at $ 1 billion to accelerate the development of carbon removal technologies, specifically over the next four years. In addition, it seeks that by 2050 all carbon emitted by the company directly or by electricity consumption since its founding in 1975 has been completely removed from the environment. The technology used to achieve this will also serve to reduce the contamination of Microsoft users around the world.

The plan will be developed under the following principles:

  • Use the latest scientific scopes and the most precise mathematics.
  • Accept your responsibility for carbon emission
  • Invest in new carbon reduction and elimination technologies.
  • Boost customers around the world. Both customers and suppliers of the brand can reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Transparency in the advances of the company. An Environmental Sustainability Report will be published annually, which will be public, on the global process.
  • Be promoters of public policies related to coal
  • Greater employment opportunities in the area of ​​sustainable impact.

Since 2012, Microsoft is a carbon-neutral company, which means that it compensates its pollutant emissions by paying third parties to preserve the environment, for example by paying timber companies to stop cutting down trees. However, this does not solve whether or not more carbon is generated, it only neutralizes it, so the company has decided to change its approach to adapt to the new needs of our planet.

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