Azure system: a new hope to avoid plastic in the ocean

In this era of global warming and the severity of environmental pollution, humanity still does not find the necessary resources. Until now. because thanks to a new system a new hope is opened to save the environment: We talk about the Azure system.

Plastic has become a very strong problem worldwide, mostly because of the large amount that is produced and the low installed capacity to recover and recycle it. For this reason, it ends in the oceans, seriously affecting marine fauna in particular and the entire planet in general.

To all this, an Ecuadorian engineer designed a device to help solve the problem.

He designed a turbine to collect water plastics, with a collection capacity of up to 80 tons per day. For this design, he obtained recognition as the inventor of the year, granted by the magazine MIT Technology Review.

This system is known as the Azure system and is scheduled to start as of January 2020.

But how does the Azure system work?

It is expected that between 60 and 90% of all plastics at some point will end up in the rivers and across the rivers in the oceans.

Well, three systems will be implemented for this. The first is the Azure, which will be responsible for stopping the flow of plastic, however, it allows the passage of water. The second team component directs the plastic sideways and the third team removes them.

Hopefully, with this new invention, the environment of the oceans can be better preserved for a more promising future for humanity.

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