Xiaomi: new smartphone with 16 GB of RAM would already be a reality.

On Twitter, a user has aroused the curiosity of many gamers and non-gamers since the information of a new smartphone was leaked that unlike those already in the market this would have an amazing RAM of not only 4Gb, nor 6 GB, nor 8 GB, but of 16 GB!! We are talking about Black Shark 3 5G, the new oriental giant Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has entered the market with equipment of incredible quality and power but with a fairly cheap price compared to those of its competitors, and for nothing it is becoming the favorite of many worldwide.

So far, the Chinese firm has come to launch terminals with up to 12 GB of RAM, such as the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 or the Xiaomi Mi 9 Battle Angel Edition but this move would be a step further.

Precisely its predecessor model: the Xiaomi Black Shark 2, arrived on the market with an aggressive design designed for gamers. With a built-in LED as its identity and a Snapdragon 855, it was projected as a model never seen before; However, with this news, it leaves all its users stunned and eager to know its launch date.

We do not know more about this news or Twitter user, but it has been enough to increase expectations worldwide.

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