Study shows that about 250 thousand people have debts of more than 100 days

Either because of an emergency or a hurry, credit cards have saved us many times. But what happens when we forget that commitment to pay and start adding up the days? Maybe a few days late or a month at the most. However, according to the latest survey, it has given us a worrying figure: Almost 450 thousand people have credits but do not pay.

Calculating this figure gives us a new one: about 200 to 300 thousand people have a default of 120 days and counting.

Patricia Tsuda, general manager of the company ACP Group explains to us «These people have fallen into default because they present a combination of job or health loss, plus a lack of financial education.»

And is that according to a survey commissioned by the consultant Arellano reveals the causes of late payment being unemployment (59%) is the main cause of late payment, followed by suffering from a disease of the debtor (19%) or any of its family members (18%).

To this added that less than 5% do not have financial education, they are compulsive wasteful, they buy in several installments, they do not have an expense control and in the worst case they take out a credit card to pay another.

In this group of delinquents, 69% used their card to buy clothing, 59% for food and 34% for entertainment. «They even used their card for vital expenses, such as education (11%),» Tsuda said.

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