Build houses in favor of environmental care

With current technology, ecological aspects must be considered and the construction industry is not out of this trend. The development of this entire sector is aimed at creating more comfortable homes for its inhabitants and at the same time low energy consumption for your comfort.

This concept is known as a passive house or ‘Passivhaus technological’, which becomes a system of standardized rules, designed in Germany in the 90s. The passive house is a house that has a minimum energy consumption of up to 10% of the total consumption of a traditional home.


The material that can solve this problem is the concrete blocks of the Euroblock brand of the Block S.R.L. Cellular concrete is not the only insulator used for the construction of a passive house, but it is the most popular material in the world. The construction with blocks of cellular concrete has the same cost as traditional construction. But with the advantages of having thermal, acoustic insulation and the non-use of fuel.


Passive houses have the following characteristics that make it a different and innovative option. The first building is being built in Spain.

Thermal insulation

With these houses, it is no longer necessary to use electrical appliances such as air conditioning and heating, in order to save energy. This will be possible thanks to the construction of high-quality windows with triple glazing, with tightness, adequate controlled mechanical ventilation and optimal sun protection.

Correct orientation with respect to the sun

Planning well how to orient the house before building it is one of the solutions to the problem of high temperature in your home in summer.

Use of alternative energy

With the use of solar panels and wind generators, solar energy will be harnessed through electrical and solar panels. In addition, you will get a decrease in expenses for electricity payments.


It is also one of the aspects of the passive house that consists of collecting and using rainwater for cleaning needs where drinking water suitable for consumption is currently wasted and that is wrongly used to wash cars, water the lawn, etc.

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