Wuhan, the city of the new outbreak of the coronavirus

The first outbreak of the new virus called coronavirus occurred in Wuhan, China. This city less big than Beijing or Shanghai is the metropolis and one of the direct connections to multiple parts of the world. It is in this Chinese city where the outbreak of a new coronavirus broke out and has been quarantined by the Chinese authorities.

The virus has spread to several countries such as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. In all these countries, more than 600 cases have already been detected. The authorities of the city of Wuhan, the city where more than 11 million people live, admitted that they are in a critical stage of prevention and control, as the Chinese New Year approaches, one of the stages with the largest movement of people.

Several cities in China quarantined by the coronavirus

In contrast to what was declared by these authorities is the WHO, World Health Organization, meeting in Geneva, in Switzerland, for two consecutive days, which announced on Thursday that it is still too early to declare a country in emergency of International Health, although he indicated that he will meet again in 10 days or less to be able to talk with the other countries to be able to evaluate with the outbreak in China in Wuhan City.

In Wuhan, the city where the outbreak occurred, there is a growing sense of anxiety after the authorities have announced that the city will remain isolated and quarantined to avoid some kind of spread by the virus, which has already claimed Life of 18 people. Despite the measures taken by the authorities to keep the virus in control, cases have been found in different countries and even arriving in America with a case in the United States.

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