US and Chinese treaties do not negatively affect Peru

Diego De la Torre, president of the World Pact of Unity Nations in Peru, announced that the FTAs, free trade agreements, provide protection against the trade war between the United States and China, which shakes international markets. «Fortunately Peru has agreements with different countries of the world, with more than 85% of the global economy, the Free Trade Agreements (FTA), in addition our export offer is very diversified geographically, so it will not affect us,» he said.

On the other hand, De la Torre mentioned that he is “quite optimistic” regarding the growth of the Peruvian economy in the following years. «The Peruvian economy has responded quite well and we see that the investments of Quellaveco and Michiquillay are very important news, some inertia and paralysis that has been in the investment activity is breaking, which is very important,» he said.

He also referred to the fact that much of the economic growth and poverty reduction in Peru is due to the large investment made by private investment. This represents 80% of the total investment while the remaining 20% ​​is provided by the public sector. «Once the political issue is stabilized and a clear course is seen, private investment immediately reacts and that is what will reduce poverty,» he added.

It was pointed out that the country has had a great agro-export activity and that the construction sector has reactivated again “The marginal propensity for investment is activated more than anything due to the phenomenon of expectations,” he said. «Peru is a great country, which really deserves that its politicians, its businessmen, its academics and civil society overcome stereotypes and work together to achieve that, for our children and for our grandchildren,» he said.

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