Republicans do not have enough votes to avoid witness testimony in the political trial against Trump

The Republican Party struggles to ensure that the trial of the president of the United States, Donald Trump is closed with a quick acquittal and without the declaration of witnesses, before the growing pressure to testify John Bolton, a former National Security advisor.

The impeachment process or impeachment against Donald Trump, entered the phase of questions of the senators addressed to the parties, accusations, and defense. However, the view was set primarily on the numbers of the votes and an unpublished political memoir for a possible change in the script prewritten for the trial against Trump.

In the manuscript of the work presented by The New York Times, he notes that the former National Security adviser affirms that President Trump personally communicated his intention to stop military aid to Ukraine until the Government announced investigations that were detrimental to the Democrats That alleged coercion is the body of the charge of abuse of power that weighs on Donald Trump and this would be the first direct testimony that personally incriminates the American president.

Bolton sent the manuscript to the National Security Council, under the White House, to have its contents reviewed. Bolton has warned about large amounts of classified information contained in the work, some in the category of ‘top secret’ and that this can not be released.

53 seats

On the other hand, Republicans control the Senate, with 53 of the 100 seats, which has allowed them to set the pattern of the «impeachment» against Donald Trump. Also, they intend to stop all attempts by Democrats to call witness statements. John Bolton is expected to testify in the Senate under oath.

The time of truth will come this Friday, January 31, when the vote on these possible appearances is scheduled. If the Democrats, who have 47 votes, manage to convince four members of the rival party, they will reach the necessary majority.

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