The new edition of the Super Bowl will be the most environmentalist in recent years

Everything seems that the 54th edition of the Super Bowl, will be a huge victory for the environment, that is why the Hard Rock Stadium, the place where the fight between the Chiefs and the 49ers takes place right now, promised to A simple goal. Specifically, it will be to host the final meeting of the NFL more respectful to the ecology that has never been done in recent years. This is why there are several interesting initiatives that the Miami stadium has.

The role of the Super Bowl

This situation could also affect South Florida, and therefore the long-awaited game of the NFL Super Bowl, since the sea and the temperature is rising, thus representing a threat to the rhythm of life of its inhabitants. Therefore, and given this panorama of the changing climate, it is not known how much longer this venue will be the perfect place for the celebration that brings together millions and millions of people.

Given this, the rising sea level leader in South Florida, Harold Wanless, explained that in 10 years maybe we will still be functioning normally. It is worth mentioning that 52 years ago, Miami planned for the first time a Super Bowl and after this context the situation that is not assured but if present is the time when the water will rise.

For this edition, the Super Bowl plans to become a space that wants to attract a great discussion around various social issues. It is for this reason that it is also an excellent channel for advertising communication since the match is seen by many consumers and other competitors as an example of what a high-level sporting confrontation should be.

It should be noted that the effects of climate change every day are more evident, where we can observe different natural phenomena, which affect different sectors of the population and in the same way the environment.

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