Ayacucho: Public servants will receive certificates as bilingual experts

Ayacuchans who work in a public institution and who dominate Quechua may be certified before the Peruvian State as experts in native languages informed the Ministry of Culture of Peru. A certification body authorized by the National System of Evaluation, Accreditation and Quality Certification Educational (Sineace).

Registration for those interested opened on Saturday, February the 1st and will last until Thursday, the 20th of February. Then they will go through an evaluation of knowledge and performance, they shall also carry out work simulations where they must demonstrate that they are competent to serve users with quality and in the Quechua language.

The Ministry of Culture explained that those who obtain certification can guarantee the quality of their work before their employers, access new job opportunities, improve their family’s income and quality of life. The Sineace, is the institution in charge of supervising this process.

889 public servers

It should be remembered that in 2019, the regional governor «Carlos Rúa Carbajal» as well as health workers, teachers, representatives of local governments, ministries, National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), National Identification and Civil Status Registry (Reniec), Institute National Statistics and Informatics (INEI) and the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat)
participated and received their respective certifications.

A total of 889 bilingual public servants of the Ayacucho region managed to certify their competencies before the Ministry of Culture in addition to experts in indigenous and native languages ​​in intercultural contexts, after demonstrating that they can adequately serve the citizenship that only dominates Quechua.

The group consisted of 533 women and 356 men. To obtain the certificate they voluntarily decided to go through the evaluation process and not only did they provide a written test of knowledge but also demonstrated in simulated situations that they can serve the public with quality and warmth in their native language.

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