Donald Trump: Senate acquits president in political trial

The United States Senate voted Wednesday for the acquittal in the political trial of President Donald Trump. The result of the vote on the two charges of which he had been accused (abuse of power and obstruction of Congress) obtained the following results: the first ended with 52 against and 48 in favor, because Republican Mitt Romney voted for condemning the president, as do all the Democrats in the Senate. While the second result culminated with 53 votes against and 47 in favor.

More than half of the senators (all Democrats and some Republicans) had expressed concern about the facts that led to the accusations. But the officials said he did not deserve to condemn him. Therefore, the result was far from the two necessary thirds that are 67 votes, to meet the standard of the Constitution and remove the President from his post.

5 months

In this way, the acquittal culminated a process of almost five months, which began in the Intelligence and Judiciary committees of the House of Representatives, where the Democrats were the impellers of the political trial, led by the Republican Mitch McConnell. Its development reflected the relentless partisan division of the nation three years after the start of Trump’s presidency.

Immediately after the results were known, Democratic leaders said the result was illegitimate and the result of a willingness to cover up the president’s crimes.

Third trial

The trial against Donald Trump was the third political trial against a President of the United States. Earlier, Democrat Bill Clinton in 1999 and Andrew Johnson (1868) had been tried. All of them were acquitted. Richard Nixon, on the other hand, resigned before facing the process after his party withdrew his backing product of the Watergate scandal.

Minutes after the decision was made official, Trump chose to express himself through a video, posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. The images show a succession of campaign posters and suggest a scenario in which they are perpetuated in power. After going through thousands of years, the cartel ends with the slogan Trump Forever.

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