Gold that shines, but that is not gold

«It is not a mistake to have opinions. The mistake is to have nothing else.» Anthony Weston said in «The keys to the argument.» But the problem in journalism is that being a tool that plays with information, it ends up turning opinions into that: a reliable fact of the truth that sometimes is just a rumor, a belief, a dogma of a fanatic faith towards our own passions mixed with fallacies and prejudices.

No one is exempt from having an opinion. This makes us free. However, there is nothing more distorted of reality than an opinion to manipulate a country that reads only the notes of the show and the gossip of people. But, in Peru, overvalued information and journalism are playing their discounts. And among them, some heads that still do not roll are, for example, synonymous with information terrorism.

After the death of 23 people because of the explosion of a dangerous cargo vehicle through the streets of Villa El Salvador, different instances must have been held responsible and, the press, of course, must have been one of the first in point heads However, it seems that it is easier to settle for a few thousand thousands of suns that have come out of the pocket of all Peruvians to «fix» the information and disclaim the most involved.

It is no longer a secret what today has been a public complaint to the newspaper La República and indeed to one of the journalists who deny his past as Augusto Alvarez Rodrich. It should be noted that the scandal is only happening to oblivion and that one way or another, people forget that the Municipality of Lima, the president of Osinerming and the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications – who already has more than one corrupted situation- had burned their hands in this matter that has claimed a total of 23 deceased persons, including several children. Their lives are only worth S / 34,000 (US$ 10 080.00)

But Peruvians get lost. They get lost in trivialities and discuss whether or not the hero was the child who returned to his house for his dog. They get elated in socials, but has that made any difference? It is that the average Peruvian does not fight because they have adorned the news.

With media such as La República and a journalist like Augusto Alvarez Rodrich who, in the same way as Nadine Heredia, who charged for “advice,” he then tries to soften the issue with a media interview with President Martín Vizcarra. Dear, readers. In your opinion, does the fourth power not control? Apparently the journalistic work in Peru disguises itself as «truthfulness» when a few green bills enter your bank accounts.

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