Coronavirus: With robots they try to fight the disease

Technology has become a great ally to fight Coronavirus. According to The Guardian, a robot enters the rooms equipped with a stethoscope to take vital signs. With the help of a screen, it allows doctors to communicate. The nursing staff moves the robot, from the room, to be able to observe the patients.

Other machines can contain the disease and help reduce the work of doctors. This is the case of the Guangdong Provincial Popular Hospital in southern China, which has begun using robots capable of opening and closing doors and taking the elevator autonomously to deliver medications to patients.

‘In these types of situations, it is essential to avoid contagion and extension. Robots can be used to test citizens, detect possible diseases and prevent other people or medical staff from being infected’, says Ambrosio Rodríguez, a member of the Council of Colleges of Computer Engineering in Spain.

Drones and waiter robots

However, hospitals are not the only places where technology can be useful. It is the case that in development in China, a drone with thermal cameras is used to take the temperature of the neighbors without having to leave their homes. Also, in a hotel in Hangzhou, an autonomous robot called Peanut is responsible for bringing food to about 200 people in quarantine. The robot greets as it moves slowly down the hall

This robot, developed by the Keenon company, is designed to serve in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices, banks or airports. The company explains on its website that the Peanut robot has a voice recognition system and is equipped with artificial intelligence. To make communication more interesting, you can change the shape of your eyes to show the emotions of happiness, anger or sadness.

To the robots that interact with patients and those who bring them food, some can clean and disinfect different spaces. Xenex is a company based in Texas, USA, that sells robots to eliminate pathogens. These machines serve to quickly disinfect any room in just five minutes.

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